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Monday, 6 February 2012

The Almighties - Meet Ms. F!

[UPDATED 12/15/15:] is live!

Art by Eleonora Kortsarz.

“What does the ‘F’ stand for? Well--to me it means ‘Ms. Free’ or ‘Ms. Fun’--but to the public, for my powers, it could stand for ‘Ms. Fabulous,’ although that might sound a little conceited >heh<.”
Ms. F.

Here's an early sketch, work-in-progress-page, and finished piece of artwork from The Almighties #1--as we meet the First Lady of The Almighties: Ms. F!

Bitten by a radioactive dust mite, downtrodden Canadian housewife Katie Graeme threw off the shackles of her oppressive husband and donned a mask and cape. Ms. F has issues and she’s gonna take them out on crime!

(Right click on images and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge.)
You can join The Almighties Facebook Group for all Almighties News & Previews--and if you didn't catch the First Look at the book, you can find that and the rest of the team here!


  1. Thanks Kaye, I was gonna send the link your way if you hadn't seen it, I thought you'd dig this chick!