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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Posehn and Duggan talk Deadpool - plus 'Deadpool For President': The Result!'

By now, all you fellow faithful Deadheads should have picked up the first two issues of Marvel NOW! Deadpool--but did you know the issues contain all kinds of 'Augmented Reality' nonsense?

Here comes the science...

With the free Marvel Augmented Reality App, by scanning select Marvel products with your iOS or Android device, you can unlock exclusive content--video recaps, character bios, creator commentaries, glove puppets, and more!

If you'd like to download the App, you can get it here, but for those of you who don't have the kit for it, Bleeding Cool have helpfully videoed the AR content from Deadpool #1 & #2 and you can see it all--from Brian Posehn talking about how he writes Deadpool (topless), to the secret origin of Deadpool's name, to Gerry Duggan dressed as Captain America, telling you to vote in the election, to Wade Wilson goin' hip hop on yo' ass--here!:

Meanwhile, for those of you that were following Deadpool's election campaign, we never heard the Merc with a Mouth's result--but obviously he lost, right-?


After a brief hiatus to concentrate fully on pimping my funnybooks, I'm back doing reviews for latest is the milestone Spawn #225 (which you can check out here); the issue ties into the election result, its cover a pastiche of the iconic Watchmen #1 cover that comes in bet-hedging 'Romney Wins!' and 'Obama Wins!' variants, which inspired me to parody the parody, simultaneously answering the question of Wade Wilson's campaign result, at the top of this post.

If you didn't catch my Review of Deadpool #1, you can find it here--and for loads more Merc with a Mouth shizzle, check out my Deadpool Crew Facebook Group!

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